LUL – Jubilee and Northern Line Re-signalling

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We established the project organisation and quality management procedures on this £52m re-signalling contract in advance of the main installation works.

With growing passenger numbers, London Underground needed to increase the capacity on their network. In addition to long term capital investment on new lines, and with existing fixed length platforms and trains, the only way to increase capacity in the short term was to increase the number of trains per hour. This could only be achieved by moving from a traditional ‘fixed block’ to a ‘moving block’ signalling system as employed on the Docklands Light Railway. This had been designed by Alcatel – the specialist Canadian railway signalling company.

We were appointed by the installation sub-contractor, whose primary experience was in engineering consultancy, to establish the organisation, project and quality management procedures and lead the team in administering their contract with Alcatel as the main contractor.

We determined the project management, installation & testing and support services organisations, and how they each communicated and reported internally and externally with Alcatel. We initiated processes, procedures and registers for Health & Safety, Quality and the Environment, Project & Technical Management, Contract Administration, System Assurance, Standards, Equipment & Access Management, Installation and Resources. We provided monthly reports that in addition to providing status updates on all the registers, reported in accordance with the contract on programme, cost, variations, risks and payments.

With full visibility of the organisation, procedures and reporting, all key stakeholders were reassured that the project had been properly established to be confident of successful delivery.


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1st April 2007