HMNB Portsmouth – New Naval Jetty

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We managed sensitive cultural issues, directed a multi-disciplinary professional team and administered the £25m construction contract for new aircraft carrier berthing facilities, to affect a handover 7 weeks early and settlement of the final account.

HM Naval Base Portsmouth is one of three operating bases in the UK for the British Royal Navy (the others being HMNB Clyde and HMNB Devonport) and has one of the oldest dry docks in the world and as such, is designated a scheduled ancient monument. The naval base is also home to two-thirds of the Royal Navy’s surface ships and employing some 17,200 personnel, will be the home port for the two new aircraft carriers ordered in 2008, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

Within the historic dockyard our challenge was to demolish the existing jetties and reconstruct new berthing facilities for the new aircraft carriers, without damaging the ancient dry dock monument.

We consulted with English Heritage and determined their requirements for the design and construction; established and led a multi-disciplinary project team in the preparation of the Design Brief; counselled and represented key stakeholders; and managed, administered and negotiated the construction contract.

The £25m contract was delivered 7 weeks early to the total satisfaction of the Ministry of Defence and English Heritage, and with the final account settled within budget.

“Richard proved to be a hard working, dedicated and thoroughly professional individual. He prefers to lead and achieves high standards, expecting others to do so as well. His time management skills are very good and his workload high, always achieving the demands and targets that I set of him on time and to a high standard. His grasp of detail is excellent and this, together with keen logic, allows him to maintain a strong negotiating position when the need arises. In addition his ability to deal simultaneously with multiple tasks provides him with strong co-ordination and organisational skills”

Mike Lawrence, Naval Base Services Director, HM Naval Base Devonport



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1st January 1998