Kwara State Governor’s Lodge, Lagos, Nigeria


On behalf of the Kwara State Government we undertook the structural re-design of the new governor’s lodge to ensure safe construction and completion.

As with many countries, Nigeria is divided into States, with each State governor having an official residence on the fashionable Ikoyi Island in Lagos. This was before Abuja then became the capital in the heart of the country. The Kwara State government had awarded a contract to Costain for a new governor’s lodge to be built, but upon receiving the drawings from the State Engineers Department we were concerned as to the integrity of the structural design – our experience being that the concrete reinforcement had not been detailed correctly.

We were worried that the building may have been unsafe had we proceeded with construction on the basis of the issued drawings and therefore, it was necessary to have new drawings that would secure the safe construction.

We consulted with the Engineers Dept and resolved that we would re-design the structure on their behalf, and they would then reissue the drawings to us as if they had been prepared by themselves.

We were therefore, able to avoid any disagreement over the integrity of the original design, save the Engineer’s Dept. any embarrassment, proceed with construction without delay to the Contract programme, and be reassured of a safe building upon completion.


Posted on

1st January 1985