LUL – Station Modernisation and Bridge Renewals Programme


We initiated an audit of management practices and enforced our recommendations to restore project controls to the station modernisations and bridge renewals programme.

In preparation for privatisation, London Underground had established 3no Infrastructure Companies (Infracos), SSL (the sub-surface Circle, District and Metropolitan lines), BCV (Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines) and JNP (Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines). Within each of the Infracos, client and contractor side organisations had been established that would project manage and deliver the works respectively.

Having to maintain a near 24/7 operation of the underground network, whilst at the same time undertake necessary upgrades and modernisation works, the challenge was to ensure satisfactory evidence of management controls in carrying out the renewals programme on the largely Victorian SSL network.

We were invited to conduct a review of SSL’s project management processes and procedures and duly undertook a reconciliation of actual practices against those best recognised by industry Codes of Practice and the Association for Project Management (APM). A report was prepared and presented with our recommendations to the Executive Board.

The Board fully accepted our findings and we were duly delegated with responsibility to implement such recommendations in order to restore cost and schedule management controls.


Posted on

1st January 2001