British Forces Cyprus – New Communication Centre

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We recommended and implemented an alternative roof construction technique, supported stakeholders, and managed a multi-disciplinary design team to ensure an £8m strategic military communications centre in Cyprus was completed within cost and schedule.

British Forces Cyprus (BFC) is the name given to the British Armed Forces stationed in the UK sovereign base areas of Dhekelia, Akrotiri and Ayios Nikolaos on the island of Cyprus. The United Kingdom retains a military presence on the island in order to keep a strategic location at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, for use as a staging point for forces sent to locations in the Middle East and Asia. BFC is a tri-service command, with all three services based on the island and has some 3,500 personnel serving there.

A new £8m communication centre being built at Ayios Nikolaos had been suspended over concerns on the roof design, in which the risk of a ‘cold bridge’ could result in condensation harming computer equipment to be installed below. We were engaged to resolve the issue and project manage the design and construction works to completion.

In reviewing the roof construction detail the local contractor had proposed the make-up of 2no outer sheets, an inner insulation layer, a damp proof membrane, and a through bolt tying the detail together – the cause of the ‘cold bridge’. Whilst all the proposed materials were sourced on Cyprus, we determined an imported solution that would use a proprietary roof panelling system, factory bonding all the components together to avoid the ‘cold bridge’ bolt.

We continued to lead the multi-disciplinary professional team, manage and administer the construction contract, consult with the Project Sponsor and key stakeholders, to successfully deliver the project within scope, cost and schedule.



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1st January 1994