Programme Management:

The management of a collection of projects related, to some extent, to a common objective.

Programme Management

Programme Management can vary in meaning to include managing any or all of the following:

  • a portfolio of projects related to some common objective;
  • an organisation’s business strategy which is to be implemented through projects;
  • the interdependencies between a number of projects;
  • resource allocation amongst a portfolio of projects.

Most commonly, a programme is a collection of projects related, to some extent, to a common objective. This could be a major project, a new business objective or a new product development.

At Essential Project Solutions, we have significant experience of managing complex programmes to ensure a successful outcome. Major programmes often contain an element of business change. Working with Essential Project Solutions will ensure programmes are delivered on time, to budget and with the necessary cultural or change benefits included.

Our comprehensive experience includes:

  • Coordinating multiple project outcomes
  • Managing inter-dependencies
  • Managing risks and issuesRealising projected benefits
  • Controlling governance, quality assurance and budgets
  • Managing stakeholder communications effectively

If you are interested in programme management services please email us:

“Richard has the rare ability to successfully combine attention to detail in contract planning and administration with the energy and drive necessary to progress construction works to be a versatile and highly competent construction professional.”

Graeme Barwell

Construction Director, Costain (West Africa)



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